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About Us

Australian Technical Millers Association Inc.

Our Purpose is to...
Provide a network for members of the Cereal Milling and Processing related industries to encourage professional development and technical leadership and advance the status and knowledge of the milling industry. We do this by providing a forum for networking and exchange of ideas with emphasis on training and educational opportunities.

Our Members...
Are linked to the cereal milling and processing industries through an interest in technical milling and industry issues and often work in remote locations with limited opportunity to meet with and share experiences with fellow industry participants. Membership is based on an individuals membership as part of a professional association.

Challenges for our Members include...
The opportunity to develop a sense of shared participation in an industry that is small in critical mass and where members tend to be isolated by the remote location of many manufacturing facilities. This includes the availability of training and learning experiences necessary for personal development and for the ongoing advancement of the technical competency of the industry at large.

Challenges for our Association include...
Technology - the paradigm shift in the use of technology. We need to understand that technology - current and potential - will impact our membership base.
Institutional restructuring - associations must continually review their aims and objectives to meet the demands of the ever changing work environment.
Demographics - the major issue - a greying membership base that is not being replenished by new and younger members. Our members are retiring so we need to review our strategies.
Environment - we need to adapt to the changing regulatory environment by keeping up to date with compliance and legislative issues that impact on our members.
Societal values - Gen X and Y and the Baby-Boomers. Which category do our members fall into and which sector are we trying to attract and how do we do that?

Member benefits...

Increasing technical skills and knowledge through provision of training courses, meetings, seminars and plant inspections.
Regular newsletter to inform members and to promote and report on industry events.
Biennial Conference to foster closer cooperation between members, increase knowledge and skills and encourage best practice standards based on local and international participation.
Website access to a range of relevant publications and DVD's on technical milling, training, safety and other industry related topics.
Shared sense and pride in being part of a traditional and important industry sector that enables the link from grain grower to the consumers food supply.

What we stand for...

Professional and personal development of our members.
Safe work practices and standards across the industry.
Continuous advancement of technology and performance across the milling sector.

Our achievements...
To provide and build upon an association commenced in 1963 by continually reassessing the needs. This is despite massive industry rationalization and productivity improvements that have severely reduced the numbers employed in the industry.
Long term focus on matters of generic relevance for the good of the technical milling profession as distinct from matters of individual company domain.

Our Events...
The biennial Milling Conference started by ATMA over 30 years ago is the major industry forum for the development and consolidation of issues and technical aspects of the industry. This provides great value by bringing local and international speakers, exhibitors and sponsors together and allows participants to share with those of common interest. We also make a 'Young Achiever Award' aimed at providing for a young person to contribute to the milling industry by providing an overseas trip for development of technical knowledge.

Our priority as an association is to...
Be responsive to the needs of our membership as the value of membership relates to the satisfaction experienced as part of the association.
Continue to build the membership base if we are to achieve our stated purpose.

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