Aside from co-ordinating nabim milling training for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, ATMA reinvests in the industry by providing development awards for up and coming technical millers to further their knowledge and career.  The largest of these is the ATMA Young Achiever Award which provides an opportunity for an up and coming technical miller, who is making significant achievements in their milling career, to attend the Australasian Milling Conference in Queensland, and undertake a world study tour of their own design to the value of $12,000.  Buhler have been long time supporters of this award and have been providing a milling course in Switzerland to be included in the world tour!   Our sincere gratitude to Buhler for their support of ATMA and of our young technical millers.

The Graeme Lukey Advanced Milling Award recognises effort towards studies for nabim flour mill modules 1-7.  The aim is to encourage all students, no matter whether they are the most gifted, to apply 100% effort towards their studies.  This award recognises effort rather than results.  For the inaugural award in 2018, the winner receives a weeks training at a state of the art mill in Scotland thanks to the generous support of Carr's Group.  This award is valued at approximately $6000 plus the value of a weeks training at one of the best mills in the world.

Finally, the Jack Walsh Intermediate Milling Award acknowledges effort by nabim students for modules 1-4.  

ATMA Young Achievers Award

ATMA Jack Walsh Intermediate Milling Award

ATMA Graeme Lukey Advanced Miller Award

ATMA Geoff Wise Memorial Award

SFMCA Development Award

* Please note the prizes are subject to change without notice.

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