ATMA Membership

ATMA Inc. is a network of individuals engaged in and related to technical milling and processing of cereals with the purpose of encouraging professional development and advancing the skills and knowledge of the milling industry. ATMA Inc. works to improve individuals and the broader industry in non competitive areas of mutual concern.

ATMA supports;

Increasing technical skills and knowledge through provision of training courses, seminars and plant inspections.
Regular newsletter to inform members and to promote and report on industry events.
Provision of personal development awards for overseas travel and training, in addition to attendance to the Australasian Milling Conference.
Combined organisation of the Australasian Milling Conference to foster closer cooperation between members, increase knowledge and skills and encourage best practice standards based on local and international participation.
Website access to a range of relevant publications and DVD's on technical milling, training, safety and other industry related topics.
Shared sense and pride in being part of a traditional and important industry sector that enables the link from grain grower to the consumers food supply.

Membership is for individuals rather than by company.

To become a member, please fill in the form below. Once approved by the committee, you will receive a confirmation email with payment details.  Once paid you are now a member and you will receive an email with your login details to the members only website.     The first year joining fee is AUD$82.50 (GST and administrative fee inclusive) with subsequent years renewals $55 plus GST.

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  1. Membership resides with the individual member and is not transferable
  2. Members are subject to the published Rules of ATMA Inc.
  3. Members agree to be listed on the member register
  4. Members support the purposes of ATMA Inc.
  5. Members observe compliance with Trade Practices Requirements
  6. Members agree to be photographed for inclusion in ATMA publications, website and social media.

All Member Applications require Committee Approval.

Upon approval you will be issued with limited access credentials to the Member area of this website. These credentials will allow you access to your member details and payment facilities. Once you confirm your details and make the payment your credentials will be upgraded to allow you full access to the Member area.


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