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Become a member of the Australian Milling Museum

The newly formed Australian Milling Museum Co-operative Limited (AMM) is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Australia’s grain milling history through the operation of a new and unique public museum and research facility, run by a community-driven, not-for-profit team of passionate directors, members, volunteers and supporters.

The venue for the museum is situated within the Tremain’s Mill industrial heritage site (7 Keppel Street, Bathurst) owned by Mr Steve Birrell, and the AMM will in-part draw its long-term financial sustainability from a peppercorn rent lease agreement with Mr Birrell.

The specific site for the museum is a generous 500+ square meters and this heritage restoration is expected to cost approximately $3,500,000 in total to open the AMM doors to the public. The committee is working hard to bring this museum to a reality in 2019.

You and / or your organisation is invited to become a member of the AMM.  Cost is only $20 per year.

For further details contact Dr Jess Jennings on 0423 224 750. 

Dr Jess Jennings
Executive Officer