Interflour Group MD and CEO Greg Harvey returns to Australia

Mr Greg Harvey, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive of the Interflour Group will hand over the reigns on March 9th 2018 before heading home to Perth. Mr. Harvey has been in the role for 13 years and now heads home to enjoy quality time with family.
Interflour is head-quartered in Singapore with operations in Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, the Philippines and Indonesia. It employees a workforce of over 1,500 across six countries and is one of South East Asia’s largest flour milling companies with a daily milling capacity of over 7,000 tons per day. Mr Harvey has been the CEO of Interflour since May 2005.
Mr Harvey is an Australian national, with many years of international business experience in global grain and flour companies. He was educated at the University of Western Australia and completed post graduate studies at Monash University and the INSEAD business school. Having spent all of his working life in agri-business, Mr Harvey is passionate about the important and vital role of the food industry to advance the well-being and nutrition of people in the developing economies and regions of the world.
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